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FAVOR x Whitney Port

We’re so excited to work with Favor, Whitney Port, and ZZIEE Ceramics to create unique, custom candles for the Whitney Port Collection.  Each candle is inspired by and named for a place close to Whitney’s heart—Ozark, Tahquitz, and Teton, with a unique container that’s thrown and glazed by hand (meaning each candle is truly one-of-a-kind and made with love!).   And as if this collab couldn't get any better, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these candles will go to the Loveland Foundation. Learn more about the collection below in the Favor Diary or in Favor's Instagram conversation with Whitney.

candles that say a lot

Our new Drawable Candle is the perfect customizable gift for that special someone!  The candle comes in a slate gray container and includes a white paint pen.



At a time that seems the world has turned upside down, we here at MacMaddies want to bring some joy and hopefully a sense of calm to your daily life and new normal.  These limited edition soy CANdles come in a Corona can and are scented in your choice of calming scents, lavender or hemp.  Not a fan of those scents?  That's okay!  Just choose "Other" and let us know which scent you would like (must be from our collection).


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